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Trust administrator: Hannah Stodart


Annual Report & Accounts

Click to see the most recent Annual Accounts (income & expenditure) and Balance Sheet (to 30 November 2017) .

String Academy students supported by The Musique-Cordiale Trust
A choir and orchestra performance with Graham Ross, supported by The Musique-Cordiale Trust

No trustee will receive any payment or financial benefit from the charity except for limited reimbursement of approved expenses (e.g. occasional travel to meetings). Independence of the charity and association/perceived potential for conflict of interest The only trustee who is also on the conseil d’administration and bureau of the French association which manages the Musique Cordiale Festival & Academy is Jonathan Barker who is also the association’s treasurer. These are the French equivalent of being a trustee and officer of the Trust. He is chairman of the Trust. He will not also be treasurer of the Trust.

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